Approval for performing arts shows

Foreigners coming to China to engage in a performing arts show need to apply for an approval letter from the Cultural Department involved. The letter of approval is the equivalent of an Employment License. The organisers of the show can apply for this document at the Cultural Department assigned to the area where the first show is held. This letter of approval will be marked as ‘foreign related for-profit show or performance for commercial ends.’ In that case, the Cultural Department will issue the Short Term Work Certificate. If the show is held at more than one location, you don’t need to apply for separate approval letters from each Cultural Department.

Business Visa (M Visa)
China Business M visa is Issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities.. It is usually issued for up to 60 days stay per visit and multiple entry valid up to 10 years for US passport holder, while it is usually issued up to 60 days stay per visit but only for single or double entry valid for 3 or 6 months for non-US passport holder. 10 years visa is not guaranteed. Chinese Consulate may issue you a visa with limited entry, shorter duration and validity at their discretion. Only for less famous artists, famous artists need Z Visa.

Work Visa (Z Visa)
China Work visa (Z Visa) is issued to those who have obtained employment permit and intend to work in China. A Chinese government issued working permit or employment license is required. Z visa is usually issued for one entry with duration of stay of 000 (means to be determined). Holder of Z visa should enter China within 90 days after visa is issued and must register at local public security bureau within 30 days of arrival.


Business Visa
An invitation letter from a registered Indian organization stating the details of the applicant purpose of visit to India and duration of visit.


Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)
This visa allows you to come to Australia on a temporary basis to: work in the entertainment industry, participate in activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation.