Underside is a Metal band from the Third World Street of Kathmandu, Nepal formed in November 2011. The music they play is very aggressive yet dark & melodic sometimes. Underside has a very subtle way of writing & composing, you will never know what to expect next. Despite of thecountry’s poor economy, corruption, civil war and degrading country&’s politics after the Royal Massacre on June 1, 2001 sharing the same passion & drive for music, the four members still struggled to continue their music and finally came up as an UNDERSIDE on November 2011.Underside is popular for the music they prefer & the way they express it on stage is Killer from the beginning. Underside has a strong band profile since they have already opened for Vader, Freak Kitchen, Textures, Behemoth, Enigmatic, Sikth, Hacktivist & many more including their Opening to the Motorhead at “Rock Oz Arenes”, Opening for SiKth on the 5th Edition of Silence Festival in Kathmandu.

Underside shared stage with SiKth & Fleshgod Apocalypse on Jan 2015 at Indian Prestigious Metal Fest Big69 in Mumbai!!Underside since it was formed back in 2011, signed with Vocalist: Avishek K.C., Guitarist: Bikrant Shrestha l Bikash Bhujel, Bassist: Manil Shakya & Bibek Tamang (Drums) & recently adding Nishant Hagjer on Drums on October 22, 2015. Underside released their first studio EP’ album on 2014 entitled “Welcome to the Underside” as their first release under “Silence Entertainment Record Level” and the EP mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz Malczewski (Malta) from BEHEMOTH! & Decapitated. Underside released their first official music video entitled “Disconnect” from the EP “welcome to the underside” in early 2014. The video played a very important role in spreading Underside &music all over the world. Underside is currently working on another LP’ album entitled “Satan in your Stereo”. Mixed & Mastered by: Justin Hill (SiKth). Underside have released their second official music video from the LP “satan in your stereo” back in early 2015 entitled “satan in your stereo”


Origin: Nepal
Availability: 2018
Territoria: Worldwide
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