After the release of the new album: Legacy we get the reel acquaintance of Jaycee CuijpersEx Ayreon) as singer and Hans t Zandt (ex Vengeance) as new drummer. The current mem-bers Chris And Tino Troy and Andy Burgess, Jaycee and Hans playing since 2013. There beenmany a line up change over years: the band now features the quit unbelievable vocalist JayceeCuijpers who channels Jorn Lande and Ronnie Dio in his powerhouse performance. PrayingMantis always seems to find the best new singer Cuijpers has a steady,powerful voice(theSinger for a Dio tribute bandof that tells you anything) that is just perfect for the kind ofMelodic Rock.

Availibility: 2017
Area: Asia, Europe
Price (ex. Technical Rider): **
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