Like Snow


LIKE SNOW (Cologne, NW, DE)
Like Snow is a german folk/pop band based in Cologne, Germany. Inspired by the musical atmosphere of the late 60’s and early 90’s, the band transfers the spirit of the past to the present day. Between their romantic ideals, wild rhythms, and ecstatic vocal harmonies, Like Snow creates an impulsive and danceable sound with a huge pop appeal. Their folk-like, polyphonic sound is influenced by artists such as Mumford and Sons, Mighty Oaks, Kings of Leon, James Bay and Frank Turner. Their music is the proud and yearning soundtrack of life in a poetic reality; one that only exists between the lines of daily life. The passionate melodic style of the band shows us that wild romanticism exists in every heart.

In the heart they are romantics, the five band members of Like Snow. With their songs, inspired by American Roots Music, they capture the romantic ideal of freedom. They are the proud, long-awaited soundtrack of a life in a poetic reality that probably only exists between the lines of everyday life. If the purity of untouched nature makes you forget every thought of tomorrow when the mind lingers at the moment, then this is the right moment for an honest piece of pop music by Like Snow.


*In collaboration with Lucky Bob Music Management


Origin: Germany (DE)
Availability: 2018
Territoria: Asia
Guarantee fee (price): **
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