folla12FOLLAKZOID They are a psych-pop group from Santiago, Chile, formed around bassist/vocalist Juan Pablo Rodrigues, synth player Alfredo Thiermann, and drummer Diego Lorca. The three met during childhood and started playing together officially in 2008. During their first practice, they jammed on a song in free-form style for over two hours, and this reliance on chemistry became a defining characteristic of their live shows. In 2009, after adding guitarist Domingo Garcia-Huidobro, they started the BYM (Blow Your Mind) studio and record label, and released their first album on cassette. Fo¨llakzoid spent the next two years working on a long-running, two-song, self-titled EP for Sacred Bones, and followed it up in 2013 with II on the same label. The band toured extensively in support of the album, appearing at festivals including ATP and Lollapalooza, and their performances inspired the songs that became their third album. Fo¨llakzoid recorded and mixed 2015’s III at BYM, collaborating with German electronic artist Atom™, who played a Korg synthesizer that was used by Kraftwerk while touring during the ’80s.

Availibility: 2017
Area: Asia
Guarantee fee (ex. Technical Rider): **
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