In the Spring of 2010, TREGOR RUSSO (Leper Divine, Sortilegium, Eriaminell, Gates Of Eden and more … it decides to give life to a new musical project, with the intent to create Music and Lyrics from the deep feelings, pathos, dark emotions and amalgamate melancholy atmospheres in complexes gloomy arrangements.


From February to October 2013 Tregor Russo recorded, produced and mixed professionally at Roxy Studio, Palermo – Italy the first full lenght Concept Album of DIONISYAN, entitled ” The Mystery Of Faith” performing all the instruments in the studio; Electric 7 strings Guitar, Classical Guitar, Lute, Bass 5 string, Drums, Keyboards and Clean Gregorian Voice, with Ignazio Conticello on Growl Vocals.
In January 2014, Tregor Russo again entered the Studio for realized a cd promo samples in HQ Audio of the first innovative concept album ” The Mystery of Faith” of his DIONISYAN, for send to Labels, Indie, Webzines, Magazines, fanzines, Radio around the World! .

In February 2016 Tregor Russo enter to the professional Ultrasuoni Studio in Palermo – Italy, to Perform and Record All the Instruments ( 7 strings electric guitars, classical guitar, 5 strings bass, drums, harpschord and organ) for the Second Full Lenght Album of D I O N I S Y A N, with the new lead female opera singer Federica Croce that she’ll sing and record his voice on the Album, who replaced the old growl male vocals of Ignazio Conticello.

SARAH EICK, amazing opera singer and now norwegian journalist, who sang in Norwegian language as Special Guest, in one of the songs that will be part of the second full lenght concept Album of DIONISYAN. “Sarah Eick has sung and recorded her beautiful voices in the 1997 demo album “To Mourn Is A Virtue” of the norwegian doom metal band FUNERAL”


Second new DIONISYAN’s opus ” Delirium and Madness – Concerto Grosso Opera °2 in G Minor is NOW AVAILABLE.

Dionisyan are:
Tregor Russo – Guitars | Silvia Balistreri – Vocals | Josh Romano – Drums | Alessandro Basso – Bass

Tregor Russo

Tregor Russo is multi instrumentalist; ( Electric 7 strings Lead and Rhythms Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussions ), Composer, Arranger, Lyricist and Singer. More info >>>

Genre: Symphonic Baroque / Atmospheric Doom Metal


Origin: Palermo, Sicily, Italy (I)
Availability: 2018
Territoria: Europe, Asia and Australia
Guarantee fee (price): **
Price info >>>

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