Crazy Town


Crazy Town

Crazytown is back. Crazytown is wiser. Crazytown is better. Crazytown is now!

When the new millennium arrived the music industry was in the midst of a new music revolution. The free delivery via shared files online created a new “outlaw” brand, that would prove instrumental in the way music would be not just delivered but created. One of the breakout bands to not just embrace but help shift the tectonic plates of the music industry was Crazy Town. As one of the first hybridbrands, they brought a new ball into the game. Equal parts urban and suburban, Chevrolet and Bentley, they rolled onto the music scene with a slow build that erupted when a “Butterfly” entered the room. The two founding members, Seth Binzer and Bret Mazur were introduced to each other by WILL I AM of the BLACK EYED PEAS. Binzer brought in his long-time friend DJ AM and Crazytown was born.

Cray Town tours the world again, known for their first album THE GIFT OF GAME, number 1 album in more than 15 countries and sells more than 6 million copies. The success of their worldwide hit Butterfly in 2001 was inevitable and reached an iconic status.


Crazytown is back. Crazytown is wiser. Crazytown is better. Book now for Asia!


Shifty | Vocals
Hasma | Bass
ET | Guitar
Stagg | Drums


Origin: USA
Availability: 2020 April – May
Territoria: Asia + Australia
Guarantee fee (price): **
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