BadNraD (USA)


Multi-instrumentalist and hybrid DJ, producer and performer BadNraD has become a fixture of the Minneapolis electronic music scene with his unique synth-heavy sound. Majestic vocals and epic harmonies float atop intoxicating melodies and body-moving bass lines. His work running the gamut from bright, funky and energetic to dark, deep and intense, there’s always a surprise in store for the listener.

Zapp & Roger, Daft Punk, W.A.S.P., Pendulum, Iron Maiden, Bruce Haack, Infected Mushroom, Teddy Riley, Rick James, Chromeo, the Whispers, the Prodigy, Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, Noisia, Midnight Starr, Dr. Dre, Cameo, Asia, etc. etc. etc

Availibility: 2017
Area: Asia, Europe, Asia
Guarantee fee (ex. Technical Rider): **
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