70s Tush


70s Tush

70’s Tush has quickly become an established name in the rock’n’roll and blues scene.
Six thoroughbred musicians from Ghent (Belgium) pay tribute to the spectular shows of the past. For the last four years, Holland, with a show based on songs by Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Elmore James, Cream, Humble Pie, Jethro Tull and many others.

70’s Tush was originally meant to be a blues-rock cover band, but throughout the years, they evolved more towards a “tribute to 70s rock’n’roll and dirty blues”, and now is everything but a cover band. While the repertoire is still riddled with riffs of the 70s guitar heroes, the songs are complemented by riffs of their own, giving new interpretations to the songs as if they were 1975 all over again. Do not expect these guys to play polished studio material, but raw and compelling live versions like they could have been played some 40 years ago.


Playing 60-70 shows a year, it goes without saying that these boys have got a ton of experience. That’s why 70’s Tush was labeled as “the hardest working band in Flanders”, but also “a band that takes you back 40 years in time” and “Woodstock-worthy”.


70’s Tush is an impressive combination of blazing guitar solos, Deep Purple-like keyboards and pumping drums, interspersed with a captivating acoustic tearjerker.
Check these boys live and find yourself thrown back in time. A time where sex, drugs and rock’n’roll reigned supreme …

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70’s Tush:
Sven Vande Neste – Vocals
Pieter Minne – Lead Guitar
Koen De Coker – Rhythm Guitar
Jeroen De Keyser – Bass
Maarten De Meyer – Keys
Tony Van Hoecke – Drums

Genre: Blues, Rock


Origin: Belgium (BE)
Availability: 2018
Territories: Europe, The Netherlands (except Belgium)
Guarantee fee (price): *
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