Music Marketing

Music Marketing

Ever wondered why you as a talented musician don’t get the fanbase and recognition you deserve, while other not as talented musicians get a lot more exposure and are becoming succesfull well-known artists? They probably know how to market themselves well.

Succeeding in the music industry is hard work. You’re competing with literally millions of people crawling their way to the top. However, most of these people don’t know how to effectively market themselves or their music. They put out song after song, hoping they’ll be discovered by a label executive or somehow go viral. Being talented and letting people know about your talent are two very different things

It still requires a lot of time and energy to do it to the extent needed to make consistent money from your music. Often, doing all the marketing needed alone can lead to much slower progress, frustration, and possibly burnout. If there is any budget it’s possible to hire a specialist. ontact a marketing company. And don’t forget marketing of your music Is an on going Requirement, it never stops.

# 1 What is your story? Branding your name and music.

Branding is experience. The art of telling your story to the right people at the right time, and telling it well.  It’s the way you make your audience feel, what they imagine in their minds when they think of your music and appearance,  it’s a psychological connection, emotional relationship with Artist and his Fans. A brand goes way beyond just the visual aesthetic. Your story should be focused, authentic and unique. Do you need some strategic help?

# 2 Perform live often

Performing live is still be best way to make more new fans. It may involve a lot of free shows, low paying gigs, travel expenses, and even some pay-to-play performances. The investment may be costly up front, but it will pay off down the road in revenues.

#3 E-Mail marketing

The most important thing you can do to market your music: build your email list

#4 Website (design, content and SEO) + E-commerce

As an international artist it is not wise not to have a good website. People say: I already have a Facebook or Instagram page! Not everyone has or uses Facebook or Instagram and the information you want to share can remain limited. Both are thus complementary! More information visit our website:



#5 Social Media Marketing

Use social media to tell your story long before (and long after) an album release. Marketing begins well before you have a new album or single to launch, and it continues as you tour, put out videos, and begin writing and recording your next record. By using social-media (along with your blog, email newsletter, and good old-fashioned stage banter)

#6 Advertising (online-offline)

The hardest part of advertising is knowing how to calculate investment of funds and other resources (like time, creativity, etc) versus the measurement of the payback (ROI, Return On Investment). A branding campaign is likely the most expensive and most difficult one of all because it doesn’t have a direct measurable ROI at first.

#7 Media promotion (online, offline and airplay)

Getting radio airplay can be one of the most powerful drivers of a large, densely populated fanbase for musicians. AM/FM Radio is still the number one source of music discovery. The number of people using radio to discover new music was more than three times that of YouTube. Radio, TV, magazines, press kit, promotional premiums (CD’s).


You’re ready to tell your musical story to the world!

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