Claw Boys Claw


God help the beast in Claw Boys Claw, for they are the expert representatives of a truly deranged performance mentality ever to dwell on the Dutch club circuit. On-stage, the band’s main attraction is lead singer Peter Te Bos, quite possibly a species of the same breed as Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Nick Cave circa the Birthday Party, and Stooges-era Iggy Pop. Obviously inspired by these better-known U.S. colleagues, between 1983 and 1997 Claw Boys Claw succeeded in carving their own piece of garage rock and punk blues , introducing subtle doses of psychedelia and country on 1997’s Will-o-the-Wisp. Although never officially disbanding, nothing was heard from them thereafter until a 2007 live reunion and a new album, 2008’s Pajama Day.

Together with Fatal Flowers, Claw Boys Claw deserves to be credited as the most important group to evolve from the Dutch capitol’s early-’80s punk scene. In 1986 they were signed by Polydor and played both the renowned Dutch Pink Pop Festival and Roskilde in Denmark. On a national scale Te Bos made a nice job of their reputation as well by kissing the Dutch State Secretary for Welfare, Public Health and Culture on the occasion of being honored with the BV Pop Award.

Turning to a more acoustic approach on-stage helped further to improve their sound. Eventually, this led to an artistic and financial highlight with 1992’s Sugar, for which the band joined forces with producer Michel Schoots (aka Urban Dance Squad drummer Magic Stick) and yet another bass player (ex-Fatal Flowers Geert de Groot). A surprise entry in the Dutch charts for “Rosie” helped to sell 30.000 copies of the album. Sugar was followed by 1994’s less successful Nipple, and after a three year gap, Claw Boys Claw released what turned out to be their last album for a long period: Will-o-the-Wisp.

In late 2007, the band began playing live shows again, to the delight of fans, and early the following year, Pajama Day was released on PIAS

Origin: The Netherlands
Availability: 2019-2020
Territoria: Asia
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