What we do:

  •  We are TALENT BUYERS (no booking agency) and responsible for identifying and booking the appropriate talent (DJs / Bands) for a particular venue or event (we work for clubs and festivals). The process varies greatly depending on demand of the venue, the venue’s size, and situation. We as a  talent buyer are working for a venue focuses on finding the right artists for their line up. After filling in the form we will keep your details on file, If we see opportunities we will contact you asap.
  • Organizing UNDERGROUND DANCE PARTIES worldwide

Don’t expect

  • Promotion, we are no promotors or free marketing company
  • We are not going to seach for gigs ( If you fit in our clients festival program, we will contact you)
  • We don’t organize international tours
  • We can’t  bring your carreer to a higher level or making you famous
  • We don’t invest in your carreer

What we can do for you

  • Suggest you to our customers (Festivals/Clubs/Bars/Hotels)
  • Book you in festival line-up or club show
  • Invite you to one of our underground parties
  • Share your details to our contacts in music scene
  • Unsuspected  opportunities
  • Paperwork (contracting / negotiating performance agreements)

Band and DJ applications (with special consideration of junior and amateur DJs and Bands):
We get dozens requests per day. If we do not answer, that is not rude. It is simply not possible from the workload! We try as far as possible to shift through all inquiries and contact you if we are interested.


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