ANWIYCTI –  uses their studio as a laboratory, abandoning guitar tradition and leading with 3 basses – its like an accusation towards traditional rock music. Just like their band name – A New World If You Can Take It, their music is undoubtedly a new land of music.The first Hong Kong band reinventing the concept of band – discarding the guitars but leading with 3 basses. Bringing 3 basses and 1 drum set along with their advanced skills, they first performed as the opening band for Clockenflap Festival 2013 and was accomplished by local musicians. Debuted their first album “A New World If You Can Take It” in 2014, integrating Neo-Psychedelic, Post-Rock, Post-Punk and Space Rock, they were listed on the iTunes ‘Bestseller’. With the invitation to Shanghai Midi Festival 2014, they had their first performance in China. 2015 return to Clockenflap festival and have a great feedback on this. 2016-2017 headline of Wow & Flutter Festival, Grasscamp Festival, Freespace Festival. End of 2017, invited by ICELAND AIRWAVES Festival 2017 (1-5 NOV). In 2019 they will start the first Europe Live tour. .

ANWIYCTI – (pronounced as AN WIC TI) is the initials of A New World If You Can Take It. The band was formed in Fall 2012, with Joey Pui, the former member of Zarahn and Eleven Wishes… Goodbye, as the vocal and bassist. Due to a performance in the Strawberry Music Festival Beijing in the early years, Joey was determined to form ANWIYCTI. Therefore he then found Edward Chiu and Equus Lee as the bassists and Pie Wong as the drummer. The idea of no guitars but 3 basses and 1 drum set, has broken the traditional rules of a band, which is the one and only one in Hong Kong. Since the establishment in 2012, they didn’t performed publicly but had shut their door for more than a year, investigating the possibilities that could be brought with 3 basses and a drum set, in their laboratory-turned studio. Until joining III-RECORDS in Summer 2013 and had their debut performance in the largest outdoor music festival Clockenflap in the late 2013. The debut made them standing out from the local indie bands and they had gained favourable comments, for example Yuen Chi-Chung, one of the most widely respected music critic in Hong Kong, said, ‘The most amazing feature of ANWIYCTI is their music inclusiveness that they can many variations in their songs.’ They then went back to the studio, contributing time and effort in their debut album and further expand music spectrum.

The self-titled debut album A New World If You Can Take It was released in June 2014, spanning 2 years for producing and recording, and mastering and mixing by Martijn Groeneveld from Mailmen Studio in Holland. Other than CD, they also released the limited edition 12” vinyl which was produced in Eldorado, the German studio renowned with its quality, and was released synchronously in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The album consists of 8 tracks, crossing between music styles like Neo-Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Drone Doom, Shoegaze, Post-Rock and even Electronica. Besides, they has been sponsored by fashion labels like Fred Perry and Dr. Martens. The song ‘1516’ was adopted as the theme song in the collaboration project between the fashion department store Joyce and Japanese brand AMBUSH.

The Guardian, Woody Anderson:
Clockenflap: the postcolonial pop festival trying to unite Hong Kong

 Sonic Youth-inspired ANWIYCTI (A New World If You Can Take It), who had just arrived back from a short European tour, are a leading light in the local indie scene, and took to the stage with swagger. 




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